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3.6.23 - i added an about page and links! next i'm going to set up shrines for my favorite bands :3

1.6.23 - so many neocities sites have personal anecdotes about the death of the internet & old web revival, so i'd like to give it a shot too. unfortunately, i was born in 2006, which is apparently around the time the "old web" died. yes, i fully admit i am being a poser and feeling nostalgia for an era i didn't live through. let me live!

i spent a lot of time online growing up. i discovered the internet in 2013 or 2014, when i was 7 or 8. at first, i stumbled across warrior cats fan games on a website called scratch, and my main social media ended up becoming deviantart as i got more into digital art rather than coding/animation.

deviantart provided a platform to be creative, and to customize your identity more than the typical social media basic profile template. you had the opportunity to design your own profile page with html/css widgets, and hand-drawn pixel pagedolls, blinkies, and stamps were popular. it was really refreshing and cool to make your profile completely unlike anyone else's. i'd never seen anything like that before i joined deviantart.

i made a few custom userboxes for my profile, and i learned bits and pieces of coding. sadly, deviantart has since shed its ability to customize user pages. i was really happy when i discovered neocities, because it reminds me of old da!

this getting rid of page customization backfired very badly for da, because everyone pretty much left and moved to art twitter/instagram. the internet is literally shrinking. every platform implements identical features to compete with each other, so there is no reason to use any of them specifically because you can get nothing unique anywhere.

every website is exactly the same. it's boring! you can change your profile picture, but your page has the same layout as everyone else's. algorithms prioritize the same formats of content everywhere.

i deleted my social media in 2021 and i'm glad that i did. i hope the internet can go back to being a space that is used for genuine creativity, individual expression, and pursuing of your interests, instead of an extension of corporate consumerism from which nothing original or unique can emerge.

dancing bears by william holbrook beard